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As a micro or small business owner, you wear all the C-hats - CEO, COO, CMO, and CTO. I'm here to help you feel empowered and confidently grow your brand's online presence and ultimately, sales.

Whether you are here to build your skills or expand your service, you'll find what you need.

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These courses were developed for you

As a small business owner myself, I see a lot of inconsistencies in digital marketing services - from affiliate marketing and content marketing to influencer management, SEO, and social media marketing. I am sharing my 15+ years of strategic and tactical digital marketing experience, best practices, and solutions with you.

My mission and passion across my double decades of work experience is to serve support BIPOC women-owned businesses that power the communities they're in and beyond.



Marla, Vintage Reseller

As someone who is pivoting in my career goals and has a disability …so much feels new to me again, and the way you explained things made me go “oh, yeah!” And I also learned new things! And loved how authentic you are in your sharing. I can tell you really want us all to succeed.

Since Day One

L.Ariel, Musician

Since day one, Chris has had her finger on the pulse of social media and digital marketing - when something starts trending, chances are you’ll hear it from her first! She’s passionate, supportive and extremely knowledgeable about building your brand online and how to attract a dedicated fanbase. I’m extremely lucky to have her in my corner!

Digital Marketing Nuts & Bolts

Deborah, Etsy Shop Owner

The Digital Marketing Nuts & Bolts workshop gave me clear steps to take to refine my digital marketing campaign. As the owner of a fledgling business, I have been... unclear as to what specific things I should do or in what order I should do them. Chris laid the steps out clearly and succinctly, and... what I learned here will actualize in the form of measurable increases in revenue.